Pinças Mamilos

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Pinças p/ Mamilos Metal

Para os amantes dos prazeres extremos!Dois grampos de mamilos anexados a uma corrente de metal com aproximadamente 30cm. Clipes: 1,5 cm de largura, 5,..


50SG Anel mamilos Pleasure and Pain

Molas Prateadas para Mamilos com um pequeno peso feito de 3 bolas.  Medidas-Ø 2,8 centímetros.  Material: metal.  Inclui saco de armazenamento de cor ..


Bad Kitty Nipple Weights

Nipple clamps with detachable ball-shaped weights. The rubber-ended clamps can be opened by pressing the fingers together and closed by releasing the ..


BK Nipple Clamps vibration

Rose pink nipple clamps with vibration (4 levels). Pressure strength of the 6.5 long clips is adjustable by means of adjusting screws. With remote con..


BK Vibrating Nipple

Pinças mamilo com vibração e pequenos pendentes em forma de coração. Pinça ajustável, tampas removíveis. Comprimento total aprox. 15 centímetros cada...


Butterfly Clamps

Pinça com pingentes de borboleta tra15.95nsparentes. Pinça ajustável. Comprimento pinça aprox. 7 cm. Material: de metal (cromado), acrílico. 1 par...


Chain with Nipple Clamps

Exciting clamping!Nipple clamps with a zig-zag inner on a strong chain. Approx. 4 cm long individually adjustable clamps. Complete length approx.. 40 ..


Frauen Zaumzeug mit KLemmen SX

Robust harness made of silvery metal (free of nickel) for her and him. Neck chain, two chains with nipple clamps (total lengths 30 cm each) and two ch..


iSex Nipple Clamp

White vibrating nipple clamps with rubberised surfaces, screws for regulating the pressure intensity and with a plug-n-play system. The USB-cable just..


Metal Chain 15cm

Sturdy metal chain (length 15 cm), with snap-hook at both ends, silver-coloured...


Metal Chain 50cm

Metal chain (length 50 cm) with snap-closure at both ends to connect different kinds of cuffs...


Metal Nipple Chain Sextreme

Prickly feelings from soft till hard!28 cm long nipple chain with metal nipple clamps. Pressure strength adjustable.Length 42 cm, weight 42 g...


Metal Nipple Clamps

Intimate jewel for feelings!The nipple clamps are individually adjustable - from soft to hard...Chain ca. 40 cm long. Weight 110 g. Silver-coloured. ..


Metall-Zaumzeug für Sie

Two nipple and two labia tweezers, attached to a robust chain. Tweezers are slightly toothed, with detachable padding sheets. Silver coloured metal, n..


Nipple Chain

Two black, round nipple screw clamps attached to a 33 cm light metal chain. Clamp pressure individually adjustable with screw...


Nipple Chain & Clamps

Nipple chain with clamps. Length chain ca. 30 cm...


Nipple Chain Bad Kitty

Arousing view, tingly feeling!Light, 40 cm long breast chain with nipple clamps. Pressure strength individually adjustable by means of adjusting screw..


Nipple Clamps

Two silver coloured clamps that each have an 8 g weight in a bead chain design (bead-Ø 0.6 to 1.2 cm). Pressure intensity of the clamps can be adjuste..


Nipple Drops

Pinça para mamilos com pingentes em forma de gotas transparentes-. Os grampos são ajustáveis. Comprimento de grampos aprox. 6 cm, comprimento total de..


Nipple Weights

Black nipple clamps with 70g-weight at an Y metal chain. Pressure intensity is adjustable. Chain length approx. 30 cm. Material: metal (chrome-plated)..


Pesos p/ mamilos, 50g

Two tweezers with 50 g weight. Pressure of clamps can be adjusted individually. Silver-coloured, nickel-free metal. Total lengths: 10 cm. 1 pair...


Snap Hook

Double snap hook for e.g. handcuffs...


Steel Nipple Chain

Decoration for your nipples without piercing!This nipple chain presents a fantastic look and a tingly feelingSilver-coloured, 34 cm long metal chain w..


Steel Nipple, 100g

Heavy feelings for experts!Silver/black nipple weights with softly toothes nipple clamps and detachable cover sheets. Also suitable for labia and test..