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Fetiche Toys

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Barry Bite Bipolar Clamps

These bipolar, conductive body clamps cause tingly and sensual feelings on nipples, labia and other parts of the body. The bipolarity of the clamp ens..


Charming Chuck electric straps

Set of two elastic straps for playful electric treatment of male genitals. Material: conductive textile fibre.Please note: This item is an accessory p..


Electro Cock Rings 2-pcs

Electro-Sex accessory!Pack includes 2 silicone cock/testicle rings (Ø 4 cm/ Ø 5 cm). Please use both rings at the same time to ensure unrestrained cur..


Faust mit Unterarm

Skin-coloured arm with fist for vaginal penetration. Length approx. 33.5 cm, maximum girth approx. 29 cm. Material: PVC, phthalate-free according to E..


FF Shock Therapy Tracel Kit

7-pcs-set in a handy travel-suitcase. Content: - digital power control - 4 self-adhesive pads- cock-/testicle ring- nipple clamps- sex gel, 118 ml- pl..



Skin-coloured Men´s arm/hand for thrilling vaginal stimulation. Length approx. 40.5 cm, maximum girth (hand) approx. 24 cm. Material: PVC, phthalate-f..


Little John Plug L anal plug

Anal plug for electrosex plays. Length 10.5 cm, Ø 5 cm, weight 500g. Material: medical aluminium.Please note: This item is an accessory part for the e..


Long Princess

Glans ring with dilator! Put the pivotable ring around the glans and insert the end of the pin into the urethra. Total length approx. 8 cm, ring Ø 0.6..


Mystim adapter cable

Adapter cable for all Mystim items.Please note: This item is an accessory part for the electronic stimulation device to be ordered separately (item No..


O(h!)-thello Oval dildo

Oval dildo which can be used both ways - for anal and for vaginal stimulation. Electric impulses of different strengths and varieties (controllable vi..


Pure Vibes Electro-stimulation

Perfect for electrosex beginners!The Mystim Pure Vibes is a reliable starter device for neverending stimulation from soft tingling, rhythmic pulsating..


Self-adhesive Electrodes

Self-adhesive reusable electrodes (40 x 40 mm). Suitable for all gadgets with a 2mm-plug...


Sextreme E-Plug

Black dildo made from medical aluminum for high higiene and thrilling e-stim effects. You can go from a soft jolt to a pulsating power rhythm. Adjust ..


Sperm Stopper 28mm

Glans ring with movable urethra plus. Ring Ø 2.8 cm. Weight: 10g. Material: polished, silver-coloured steel...


Tension Lover stimulation devi

Digital stimulation device for electronic stimulation. Two separately controllable channels and seven programmes. With timer: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 6..


Testicles Pillory

Black testicles pillory made of wood with two adjustable screws. Size 34 x 5 x 3 cm...