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African Queen

Inflatable life-size doll with a velvet brown skin, a willing mouth, tight vagina and anus opening...


Aleda Kirtman

Life-size inflatable love doll with long blonde hair and long eyelashes on her beautiful 3D face. With two pleasure openings (vagina and anus). Materi..


Antonya Vidra

High quality love doll with realistic 3D face, hair and eyelashes. With brown eyes and long blonde hair. With fully formed hands, feet and big boobs. ..


Blonde Doll New

Life-size inflatable doll with a fully formed face, movable arms with fully formed hands and feet. Removable lust tunnel that has two tight but flexib..


Boneca Insuflável Brandy Big Boobs

Brandy é uma apaixonante boneca insuflável que consegue lamber e sugar ao mesmo tempo.Possui três buracos convidativos: vagina, ânus e boca, e um ro..


Carmen Luvana love doll

Deluxe love doll with a lifelike face and detachable vagina and anus insert made of skinlike "cyber skin" material. Including vibro bullet with multi-..


Chest Choker

Love doll inflatable up to life size with three lust holes (mouth, vagina, anus) and big breasts with stiff nipples. Kneeling position with bent arms...


Daisy Dare Doggystyle Doll

Life-sized love doll in "doggy-style" position. With two tight lust holes (vagina, anus), a 3D-face and blond hair. Vibro egg (continuously variable) ..


Dianna Stretch Love Doll

Life size inflatable love doll, lying down and stretching one leg into the air to facilitate easy penetrations. Three openings (anal, vaginal and oral..


Dishy Dyanne Love Doll

Inflatable life-sized love doll in an arched back position. With incredibly big breasts (cup D) and two love holes (mouth and vagina). An included pus..


Doll Brunette New

Life-size inflatable doll with a fully formed face, hands and feet. With eyelashes and brown hair. With removable lust tunnel that has two openings. M..


Gorgeous Gavin Doll

Lifesized inflatable male doll with a 17.8 cm long, inflatable penis and a tight anus. Face and chest glowing the dark...


Jezebel riding Doll

Jezebel Riding Doll Always willing! She likes sitting on your lap. But she can kneels in front of you too and open her vagina wide for your penis...Sl..


Kelly Carmell

Love doll inflatable up to life size with three lust holes (mouth, vagina, anus) and big breasts with stiff nipples. One leg bent, the other one strai..


Kimberly Love Doll

Lifesize, inflatable dark-skinned love doll with an imprinted face.With a great special effect - her hotspots glow in the dark: her willing mouth, her..


Love Doll "Cleopatra"

Hot-blooded black-haired love doll with a vibrating vagina with a nubby love channel. Three love holes (mouth, vagina and anus). Inflatable to lifesi..


Love Doll Leticia

Life-sized inflatable love doll (material: PVC) with gorgeous face, brunett long hair and soft, nature-like breasts. Vagina and anus made of skin-like..


Lovedoll "Lolita Lollipop"

Life-size, inflatable love doll with pretty, moulded face, extra voluptuous breasts and three pleasure holes (mouth, vagina and anus). Comes inside a ..


Maya Erotic Love Doll

Live-size, inflatable love doll with imprinted face and blond hair. With three lust holes...


Mista Cool XXX Male Love Doll

Black, male love doll with a firm penis (20 cm, 3.5-6.5 cm diameter), printed face, dark hair and printed chest hair. Inflatable to life-size. Materia..



Love doll inflatable up to life size with three lust holes (mouth, vagina, anus) and big breasts with stiff nipples. With straight, spread legs. Face ..


Natalie Love Doll

Blond love doll with elaborately formed hands and feet. Including a pump for fast inflation, talcum powder and rose pink carriage bag. (Please order b..


Nature Skin Lovedoll

A dream of a woman - the answer to your prayers! Her smooth skin and big boobs are waiting for you! Take her anally, orally and vaginally. Life-size w..


Puppe "Fire" - Serie Elements

Love Doll »Fire«Your fiery playmate! Quench her insatiable lust, which burns in her.Her wet vagina, her smooth mouth and her narrow anus.Lifezize to b..